The Association

Iris Onlus Association operate in social and healthcare sector in finalized method, when it choose a purpose, It organize event helpful to get to it. The mentioned sectors regard different situation, from elders and disabled assistance to help managed to disaventeged people. The mentioned sectors regard different situations, from elders assistance and disabled assistance, to managed aids to disaventeged people. In this moment the Iris Onlus Association’s energies are concentrated to help Katia, a baby girl with a genetic disease. The “Un futuro per Katia” initiative need your aid, You do a donation clicking link “il mio dono” or making a part to Iris Onlus Association’s events


The Initiatives

In this moment the Iris Onlus Association’s resources allow to help only “Un futuro per Katia” initiative. Iris Onlus Association’s will be able to to improve and to follow different Initiatives only with your aid Iris Onlus Association will be happy to welcome Everyone who wants help the more unlucky people. You see the page “INIZIATIVE“ to knew the Iris Onlus Association’s Initiatives. You can help the Iris Onlus Association, doing a donation clicking link “il mio dono.

The events

The organized trips are friendly moments, They are very important for usually lonely people. With organized trips, the Iris Onlus Association calms down situations that could turn in big social hardships.

During the events, , the Iris Onlus Association puts the participants in knowledge of the people afflicted conditions by rare diseases and the situations of the families involved. If You want learn more informations about next events, You could visit the dedicated page where You could sign up yourself for next trips or You could register yourself to site to receive the newsletter (through login page) .


“A future for Katia”

Ekatherina is a baby girl who has born on 16th August 2009, She is afflicted by a genetic inflammatory disease, called “Criopirinopatia” due to the mutation F523L of NLRP3 gene. This condition causes chronic inflammatory condition characterized by anemia, urticarial rash, arthro-myalgia, headache and possible development of sensorineural deafness. Ekatherina needs continuative therapies and two medicines that are currently on Europe Market and They are the IL-1 receptor antagonist (Anakinra) or the IL-1beta monoclonal antibody (Canakinumab). In the case of Ekatherina, a short therapeutic cycle has caused a fast control of symptomatology and an evident improving the patient’s quality of life. Unfortunately the mentioned medicines aren’t available in Ukraine. This situation causes a persistence of patient inflammatory condition and It puts her at risk in the short and long time (neuro-sensory deafness, mental retardation, renal amyloidosisIris Onlus Association would like buy the medicines (Kineret – p.a. Anakindra) that could heal Ekatherina. Iris Onlus Association asks you to became protagonist of this dream together, presenting to Ekatherina a possibility and supporting, in order to your possibilities, the supply of this medicines, important a lot for Stephanenko family.

Tank you for attention angd good trip I wish you a good trip on the website.


Massimiliano Lucchetti